Velammal Juniors

The landscape of primary and high school education in India is moving from a 'one-size-fits-all' education to one that promotes diversity and learner empowerment. In view of these positive changes, there is need to quickly change the way we design the early childhood learning experiences.

Successful implementation and control of change rely on strong and effective leadership and a clear school vision. The school management is committed to change and learning. We are among the lead educational group with a legacy of 30 plus years in education and the experience of adapting to the governmental policy changes and the changes in the teaching - learning environment across the world, offering sustainable growth. We have grown from one school with 184 children in 1984 to 30 plus schools with over 60,000 children graduating from our schools and colleges across Tamil Nadu.

Realising the need for qualitative interventions in Early Childhood Education, Velammal has already begun working on bringing in reforms in this level. Velammal Juniors has been established with the aim of breaking grounds in the new paradigms of learning for the whole group in the Early Childhood segment with research and training. Velammal Juniors is an initiative of the Velammal Educational Network that carries forward a rich legacy of educational excellence under the aegis of which were established reputed Engineering and Medical Institutions, K-12 International, CBSE and State syllabi schools. Velammal Juniors owes its foundation and value system to the lineage of the group of premiere institutions it belongs to.

Initiatives undertaken in the academic year 2014-15 towards qualitative improvement in preschools of the group.

Study Tour for the members of the management to schools in US, UK, Australia and Singapore .

Study tour for Early Childhood Senior leadership Team comprising of Directors for one week in the month of October, 2015

One month Training for 11 Early Childhood leaders in the month of December, 2015 with Knowledge Universe, Asian International College, Singapore.

On line training for teachers with the Asian International College, Singapore.

It is widely recognized that early education is important as it helps in forming the abilities of a child for its lifelong learning potential. The cognitive development in all mental, physical, social are so important and not merely learning numbers and the alphabet.



Our goals - for the Children

By the end of their education in Velammal Junior children should:

Know what is right and what is wrong.

Be willing to share and take turns with others.

Be able to relate to others.

Be curious and able to explore.

Be able to listen and speak with understanding.

Be comfortable and happy with themselves.

Have developed physical coordination and healthy habits.

Love their families, friends, teachers and school.

Be prepared to do all academic subjects in the primary class


For our Parents

Orienting the Parents to make them aware of our Curriculum.

Involving Parents in Children’s Learning.

Participate in special events.

Open communication between the Parents and the School to effectively share their child’s learning experiences.


For our Teachers

Provide a happy and caring environment.

Providing opportunities for Teachers in International Training.

Hand holding Teachers in Professional and Skills Development Training.

Organising Competitions and Talent Shows for Teachers.

Get together and fun Activities to engage them and to build Team spirit.


Years of excellence


Children in Play School


Children in Kindergarten